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Free Agent Frenzy, Happy Canada Day Open Thread

Ah, our favorite day. There is something quintessentially Canadian about having the day when our national obsession is on our national holiday.

Not quite sure how I feel about Justin Schultz. I have a feeling that, by the start of the season, ( if and when it starts of course ) it will be a fleeting memory replaced by one better. I know some feel insulted, but really, the kid is just looking out for himself, and there is no denying he will have a much better immediate opportunity to make a splash for the Oilers than at "home". It will add some spice to the home opener too.

Get good young man, and we'll see you in a couple years if it doesn't work out with the OIlers. I know you were just looking out. Keep your head up though. Reading tweets and the reaction from a few in the puck zeitgeist, it sounds like there might be some of the brethren that did not appreciate the whole spectacle.

This will be the place to break any trades that have a bearing on the Canucks. Don't let that stop you from using it for what you will, of course.

Edit : OK, so nothing big so far for the Canucks by way of signings, but I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sami Salo for the years of superlative service. The team will replace the Finnish MacInnis, but there is no way they were going to sign him to the money Tampa Bay did. 2 years and 7.5 million dollars is a lot of cake. Have fun Sami!

Edit Edit : I hear that Dallas is in the Bible Belt, so its appropriate that Aaron (God) Rome has signed a 3 year deal with the Stars. 1.5 per over 3 years. Good for him. More than doubling your paycheque from last year makes that a no brainer. Hope he lives up to the extra responsibility, as he is not just a Cap Buster now. Good luck Romer.

Edit Edit Edit : So, now we know that this is how Mike Gillis works, can we settle down on the panic? Its only one blue line position filled, but White Rock's own Jason Garrison is taking his talents to Arthur Griffiths Way. And its a solid deal for all the Capoholics. 6 years at 4.6 per. On a day where everyone had him going for north of 5 mil, Mr Gillis got his man at a price that is not greater than his other guys. His big shot replaces Sami Salo's big shot. All in all, I am very happy with this deal. Thats a great price point for a guy that was going to get PAID. Coming home was not important to Mr Schultz, but it sure was to Mr Garrison ( does that mean his partner will be called Mr Hat or Mr twig?). All kidding aside, good job Mike Gillis.