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Report: Canucks Sign Schneider To A 3-Year Deal, Plus: Dreger Talks Luongo

"I'm going to Florida to enjoy the sun!"
"I ain't! I like the rain!"
"I'm going to Florida to enjoy the sun!" "I ain't! I like the rain!"

Team 1040's Jeff Paterson has just tweeted that Mike Gillis said today at a season ticket holder's event that the Canucks have agreed in principal on a new deal with Cory Schneider and that more details will be revealed in the coming days. This is good. Arbitration was really not a good option. UPDATE: Nick Kypreos is saying it's a 3 year deal worth $12 million ($4 million per season).

(Hat tip to NM member raincity for the heads up!)

Gillis also said that he is talking with Sami Salo and is hopeful that he returns next season.

Also, on TSN's Insider Training Section, Darren Dreger had this to say about the Roberto Luongo situation:

Yes, there are ongoing negotiations between Vancouver and Florida. Canucks general manager Mike Gillis is driving the bus and the bus is in low gear. Nothing has changed since the NHL Draft but there is an ongoing negotiation. The Panthers didn't like the first approach from Gillis and countered with another offer but I wouldn't say that it's close. The Toronto Maple Leafs did express interest but I'm also told the Leafs are not engaged in discussions with Vancouver at this stage.

Florida Panthers. The gift that keeps on giving. This far from resolves much in regards to who goes or stays, but I think we can smell what the Gillis is cookin'.