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Canucks Prospect Camp Opens Today

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"What the hell is the Grouse Grind? Some kind of sauce?" (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
"What the hell is the Grouse Grind? Some kind of sauce?" (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Four of this year's draft selections will be among the 35 lucky souls who brave the 2012 Canucks Prospect Camp which opens today. The five day camp will include the typical fitness tests and ice drills and will end with the traditional Grouse Grind hike.

Via the Province, below are the two groups with those who aren't Canucks property (not signed nor drafted) having the asterisk.


Allen, Conor
Andersson, Peter
Blain, Jeremie*
Hutton, Ben
McEneny, Evan*
Taker, Shayne*

Carrier, Alexandre*
Friesen, Alex
Hudson, Woody*
Jooris, Josh*
Langlois, Jeremy*
Mallet, Alexandre
Miller, Kenton*
Robinson, Buddy*
Westerholm, Pathrik

Rumpel, Joel*
Walsh, Andrew*
Yanakeff, Will*


Baker, Jake*
Baldwin, Corbin*
Corrado, Frankie
DaSilva, Justin*
Rush, Cooper*
Zajac, Nolan*

Bartliff, Kurtis*
Beattie, Matt
Franson, Cain*
Gaunce, Brendan
Hall, Zachary*
Jensen, Nicklas
Kambeitz, Adam*
LaBate, Joe
Momesso, Stefano*

Cannata, Joe
Corbeil, Mathieu*

Some of those names should ring familiar: Nolan Zajac is the brother of Travis Zajac, Franson is the brother of Cody Franson and Stefano Momesso is the son of former Canuck Sergio f'ing Momesso which means he can walk onto the team right now and will be showered with immediate praise. has some more stats on the group, including this horribly depressing tidbit about Evan McEneny, the youngest player at camp:

10 days before he was born ice hockey became Canada's official winter sport and 23 days after he entered the world, some team from New York won the Stanley Cup.