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Canucks Player Autopsy : Dale Weise

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Who Is This Guy?

Dale Weise, Weezy. Some of the folks on Twitter either love him or hate him, I am not sure right now.

Position: on the 4th line.

Shoots: Right, on the right side, usually.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 pounds of solid muscle.

Drafted: 4th round, 111th overall by the New York Rangers in 2008.

Born: August 5th, 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He's only 23 folks!

Acquired: Picked up off waivers, after eyeing him covetously, on October 4th, 2011 from the New York Rangers. They gave up on him after 3 years. Will we give up on the young man after only one?

What Did He Do?

Well, depends on who you ask. Fourth liners lead a different existence. Someone gets injured, then one of them moves up ( or AV is just stirring the lineup as is his wont ), looks good for a little bit, and then gets banished. Here's the skinny. After 47 games played with the Connecticut Whale, where he had 18 goals and 38 points ( almost a point a game in the AHL at 22 is notable ) Weezy brought his speed and talents to the fourth line, where he tallied 4 goals and as many assists in 68 NHL games.

So is THAT all he did?

Come on man. I do it, you do it, we all do it. Everyone looks at the fourth liners that win a Cup every year and says "I want OUR 4th line to be just like that". Some are better than others, and he certainly did not produce like some of the more productive 4th liners in the NHL, but 4 goals and as many assists is not that bad in 68 games. Hell, he was a -1 in that time, after being a -14 with the Whale ( though the AHL is not a great place to get your pluses and minuses. Lets just say mistakes happen more often in that league than ours ) in 47 games!

I will, hover, take Cam's word for him not being all that great as far as Corsi and Fenwick are concerned. ( see here ). Though if you look at that list, he can be forgiven quite a bit for being on the ice for almost as many defensive zone situations as Manny Malhotra and Maxim Lapierre, the two guys that are below him on said list.

Seriously though, is he worth another shot or not?

Well, that depends. Like I said, the guy is 23 years old. He has shown some good hands and offensive ability on a few occasions, but for a guy his size, he could definitely hit more. Though 118 hits over 68 games is almost 2 a game. His splits here are meagre, but we can note that 3 of his goals, and 6 of his 8 points were on the road. He only averaged 8:04 TOI in those games, all on 5 on 5, on a 4th line that had more defensive zone starts than just about any other. In that respect, finishing up -1 this season can show us something. He was fairly dependable, depending... Plus, as 4th liners do, he did "stand up for his teammates" 8 times last year. Not sure he won many of those, but what the hell.

Seriously though Dan. Quit waffling. What now for him?

Well, I liked him anyhow. I thought he learned to be more responsible in his own end as he played more and more on that 4th line that was counted on to play against sometimes top lines on the road. Get it out, get the change, and get the other guys on. He fit into the system and became a somewhat dependable "AV guy". But I get the feeling that he is replaceable if they decide to "go another way". Such is life on the fourth line of the Vancouver Canucks. From year to year, the mold of what they want seems to change. I think he can still be effective, and would like to see him stay, but of course he does not have a ton of job security on a team that will be wanting to make some moves after a first round exit.

In short, who #$%^ing knows?

The proof is in the pudding...

Or the Youtube. Lets get a few clips under our belts, and when we look back, they can be harbingers of what is still to come, or pleasing memories of a one time Canuck who was decent value for his 605K. Not Aaron Freaking Rome value, or A MFin' Burrows best contract in the NHL value, but he did not steal his money, regardless...

1/ I loved this fight. Biggest game of the year, and Horton is a big boy...

2/ In the same game, this. When even the Rat Marchand comes out and tells everyone that it was you being a douche here Shawn Thornton, it does make Jack Edward's bullshit in this clip a little more laughable. What an ASS!

3/ Here is some of those offensive instincts I was talking about. He shows good speed here too...

4/ More ability. If he could do this more consistently, I would be screaming from the highest mountaintop for GMMG to keep him! The goal of his career to date...

5/ Finally, some more of the fun and teammate dynamic that makes me come down on the side of keeping the big lug. He's a good Canadian kid, and if you Youtube him, the guy can take a punch while still delivering one. He wins more than his running buddy Lapierre anyhow!


The poor bugger got a bad rap on Twitter a few times in his on again, off again flirtation with social media. Perhaps an inappropriate thing was said, or perhaps some uptight folks got a hair up their ass. I have no opinion on the matter one way or the other, because I honestly don't remember. Its not for me to judge. It should also have exactly zero impact on his ability to play hockey for the Vancouver Canucks.

Sometimes we just needs something to talk about Weezy!