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Send In The Brooms? - Sunday Playoffs Open Thread


Sorry I've been bad about putting up the open threads I promised, I have been busy. Anyways, we are at the approximate halfway-mark of the 2nd round, and noticing some interesting trends. In the East, both series are quite well-matched, with all the games and wins staying very close. Meanwhile, in the West, they might be able to start the 3rd round on Tuesday.

12:00 pm PDT: Kings vs Blues, Game 4. Well well, look at this, the Kings have yet another 3-0 series lead. It appears that LA is shutting down St Louis pretty much the same way they shut down Vancouver. I guess it wasn't completely the Canucks fault for bombing the 1st round. St Louis is going to have it tough coming back from this. Viewable on TSN.

4:30 pm PDT: Devils vs Flyers, Game 4. Okay, New Jersey, you can start losing now! I need a Washington-Philadelphia matchup for the next round, don't need you screwing that up. So far, the Devils have a 2-1 series lead because they scored more goal in game 2, and because Martin Brodeur refuses to retire. Viewable on CBC.

Go catfights.