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2012 IIHF World Championships: Canada vs Slovakia Game Day



Yeah, I know it's damn early, but for those of us who love the international game, as well as those of us who have been suffering through a bunch of hockey games we really couldn't give a squirt who wins or loses, the IIHF World Championships are just what the doctor ordered. And no, not Dr. Recchi. Add to the fact that our boy, Mr. Everything Alexandre Burrows is wearing the red and white of Team Canada and I am pretty pumped for this year's tournament. The Canadians are definite underdogs this time around, with the Russians (featuring Evgeni Malkin and Pavel Datsyuk among others) and the co-host Sweden (along with Finland) are the heavy favorites. We will bring you game threads for each of Canada's games starting today against Slovakia, as we cheer on Team Canada's efforts to bring home the gold medal. Go Canada *yawns and looks around for some coffee* GO!!!!

Just a reminder that Burr is wearing #14, and the game is on TSN. It doesn't look like they're streaming the game on the website last time I looked but I hope that changes.