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Luongo To The Leafs?

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Yes, this news is about a day old, but Sam Javir, aka samjam99 on Twitter tweeted this yesterday:

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS on : Roberto Luongo to the Maple Leafs a done deal…


A well-placed source told NHL Beat that a deal that would send Roberto Luongo to the Toronto Maple Leafs is "90% done", and will be completed by the draft, if not free agency.

It is unknown at the time what the Canucks would be receiving in return for the star goaltender, who has already publicly stated that he would be willing to waive his no-trade-clause.

Right away his creds were questioned and then shortly after given praise by guys like Thomas Drance for his accuracy. So, assuming Javir is correct, let's hear not only your reactions, but what kind of deal you would like to see Mike Gillis pull of with the Leafs.

Keep in mind that TSN's Bob McKenzie tweeted today that if a collective bargaining agreement is in place, the max salary cap for teams should jump way up to $70.3 million. Cap Geek is already using this value.

Rosterbate away! Nazem Kadri, anyone?