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2012 Cup Finals - Game 1 Open Thread


At long last this season can finally end but not before a brand new Cup champ is crowned. Once again, thank you to Joel Ward and everyone in the Capitals organization.

On the one side we have Willie Mitchell's 8th seed LA Kings, those filthy party crashers of our spring who have squashed the top three teams in the West to punch their ticket to the dance for the first time since...well who cares?

On the other side, we have Steve Bernier's 6th seed NJ Devils, an uptight group of vagabonds who tossed aside the Marco Sturm-powered Panthers before outlasting Philly and the thuggish Rangers to put Newark into the limelight tonight.

Who you got? Slick Willie or Death to Scoring Chances? Puberty Quick or King Marty? The team who so badly wanted Kovalchuk they damn near give him a trillion dollars or the team that actually gave him a trillion dollars?

Gooooooo drama.