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Report: Luongo Wants Trade Out Of Vancouver, Vigneault Says


The wide-spread blame for the loss to Boston in the 2011 Finals. The emergence of Cory Schneider. Schneider finishing the series against the Kings. Luongo stating after the series that he would agree to waive his no trade clause if that was what was best for the team.

Then today, Alain Vigneault tells French TVA show Le Match:

"First of all, that is what he wants right now," Vigneault said. "What we need to do is what's best for our organization and our team. We have to look at what's best for our organization and Roberto."
And on Luongo being the scapegoat to fans after the Boston series:
"Roberto has been blamed more than any other [for the elimination of the Canucks]," Vigneault said in the interview. "Especially after the defeat against Boston. It was not fair."

Only the smart fans know that wasn't fair. Get ready for a crazy off season, folks.

Update: There is word out there that the word "if" was left out of Vigneault's response. If that is the case then expect Vigneault to clarify ASAP. However, I think that given the way things shaped up this past season that a trade is inevitable.

Update (May 25): Gillis has told the Team 1040 today that Alain Vigneault corrected what he said. Check out the interview here. Gillis maintains that he will have both goaltenders fighting for the #1 spot next season (yea right).