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Booth Bags Big Bear

Marchand never saw it coming
Marchand never saw it coming

Usually, our beloved Canucks disappear into summer and not much is heard from the majority of them. Not David Booth. He likes to provide updates on Twitter, including his bear hunting excursion in Alberta recently. Now he has posted a pic, as you can see above.

First thing I thought of was: ah man I can't wait to hear what the anti-hunters, vegetarians, or even the pro-hunters have to say about this. Well they delivered.

RT @FurBearers: RT @furbearers: Grrrrr. Vancouver Canucks forward David Booth killed a black bear for a trophy.

Does a Bear shit in the woods? Yeah when it see David Booth!!! #Canucks #Hunting

I don't like David Booth anymore.

@hail2mel I definitely like the idea of karma materializing. I totally detest David Booth along with anybody else who hunts.

I am disgusted by the photo of David Booth and the big dead bear he just killed. Are you kidding me! That's not his food, it's entertainment

"I will only forgive David Booth for killing that poor bear if he shows us a photo of him lying naked on his new bear rug." @cali_jo13

@DallaTalk: Kills bears to take his mind off his hockey career? wow David Booth you are just shameless

#David Booth sucks. Officially off that #Canucks shit. You guys see the pic of him with the #bear he killed?

If @VanCanucks & @GMMikeGillis were smart, they would make a PUBLIC statement about David Booth's actions & find a trade option immediately.

@iPhiLLin: David Booth just tweeted this: I don't want this person to be associated with Vancouver. Get him the fuck out.

@SophiaOfTheSea: david booth killed a 7 foot black bear what a jackass. I don't like you anymore. murderer.

And then some hilarity from Kevin Bieksa:

": Just killed a Chara sized bruin! 7ft black bear- 21in skull. " impressive Dave! Did he have a crossbow also?

People can have their opinions about how we shouldn't hunt and how we should protect the animals.... Well, I am a Northern BC redneck, so I say: Nice kill, Booth!

Does the image of the dead bear offend you? Would you rather I did a trade Kesler post instead?