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Rangers vs Devils Game 3 Open Thread: Let's Go Devils!

Oh those Russians...
Oh those Russians...

Game Time: 10:00 AM PST


Game Preview:

SBN Blog Battle: In Lou We Trust vs Blueshirt Banter.

Brandon Dubinsky practiced in no-contact fashion for the Rangers on Friday. He may almost be ready to play, which would be huge for the Rangers.

Isn't it great how Rangers coach John Torterella has no fear in benching Marian Gaborik? What cajones on that man! I wish the Canucks had a coach like that. Am I right? Discuss!

Anyways, I would love to see the Devils take control of this series over their next 2 home games. I mean..really...who wants to see the Rangers ever come within a sniff of the Stanley Cup ever again? Not this homeboy. May they rot in hell.

Devils are 4-1 in the playoffs at home this year. Make it count!