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Morning Buzz: One more time for the sweet souvenir

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If you're not cheatin' you're not tryin'.
If you're not cheatin' you're not tryin'.

Welp, it's the final Morning Buzz of the 2011-12 regular season. It's also Good Friday, so you know it's gonna be good. My Thursday night ball hockey was cancelled last night, so we went to the bar instead, and this is why my post is late. I guess writing the Buzz slightly hungover is appropriate given the title.

Let's start by listening to Kurt Cobain's isolated vocal performance from Smells Like Teen Spirit. Amazing.

(via BP2UTV)


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

With the loss to the Flames last night, the Canucks no longer control their destiny when it comes to the President's Trophy. | The Province

Let's not overreact. | PHT

The Canucks vs. Flames according to the Twitterverse. | CHB

Marc-Andre Gragnani's play since coming over from Buffalo has been up and down, and he seems to have a longer leash than AV usually affords his defencemen. | PITB

Botch with a few thoughts on the horrible PowerPlay, Gragnani's uselessness and the perfect humain being that is Dan Hamhuis. | The White Towel

The dudes at Smug Nation explain what exactly makes them so smug. This doesn't have as much bite now that the Canucks lost to the Flames last night, but it's still really good. | Smug Nation

Sweet stat dropped by Jeff Angus on Twitter regarding the Sedins and Burrows. That's impressive.

Cam Charron handicaps the possible playoff series in the West. | LoB

Marda Miller, aka @BurrowsGirl, brings us her excellent "The Good The Bad and the Final Countdown". | CanucksArmy

Speaking of the Army, today is your last chance to enter their Chris Higgins jersey giveaway contest. Go "Like" their Facebook page to enter (or don't, because I want to win).

NHL News & Notes

Holy shit. John Tortorella went off on Orpik for his knee-on-knee hit on Stepan, Pittsburgh's two "whining stars", and the Penguins organization in general:

In one of the weirdest plays of the season, Ryan Clowe proves the space between his ears is empty:

Clowe apparently "doesn't remember that play", adding amnesia to his list of mental deficiencies. | CBC

Speaking of dumbass plays, Nate Prosser headbutted Jamal Mayers last night, and will face a hearing for it today. | NHL

The Dallas Stars are officially out of the playoff race, thanks to the Predators. | Sportsnet

Despite their worst efforts, the Florida Panthers clinched a playoff spot last night with Buffalo's loss in Philly. They're just not a great team. The Capitals could take the division crown with a win over the Rangers tomorrow. | Backhand Shelf

A special Good Friday treat: Paulina Gretzky in lingerie. There's also enough material here to fill The Peter Griffin Side Boob Hour. | PD

I'll now let the Best of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole carry you into the long weekend. Enjoy!