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Vancouver's First Round Opponent: Who DON'T You Want To See?

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I canz be on ur team? (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
I canz be on ur team? (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Part of the #embracethehate campaign we've been beholden since last June has many components, one of which is to digest and consume all of the free-flowing hate out there in the tubes. If you've skipped this part of the campaign, prepare for a swirling storm of shit because the minute first round playoff predictions from the flapping heads are released, it'll be full on. Bank on some of them have already written their takes on why Vancouver will lose to an opponent who hasn't been decided yet.

In that same vein, I keep seeing references from commentators on other sites partial to the Sharks, Stars or Kings that Vancouver is the team they want to face. No one wants a piece of St. Louis or the loser of the Detroit/Chicago/Nashville tickle fight so the team from the clown horn division - the one where Luongo is the goalie and the leading scorer is counting purple elephants - is the preferred opponent. As if often the case logic has no place in the vaunted halls of internet commenting where instead decrees of "karma" or "Loungo sucks!" along with the impenetrable "it's our time" claims rule the day.

Let's play their game and make it official so we can move on with life: who don't you want to the Canucks play in the first round and why?

The idea taking four wins from this squad is going to be a breeze is astonishing but, again, not surprising. No matter what direction the wind blows, all you need to remember is one word this spring: scoreboard. That's where it'll display the beat down that the current Western Conference-leading team is delivering to whichever squad is unlucky enough to draw their number, just as they have for the majority of the last two hockey seasons.