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Morning Buzz: Canucks win wild one vs. Ducks; Dallas falls behind in Pacific race; Sabres still alive

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On a note much more serious note than anything I will discuss in today's post, the 3-month-old daughter of Hockey Wilderness writer Bryan Reynolds' niece passed away suddenly on Monday. For most of us, this sort of loss is impossible to imagine. The family is seeking assistance to help pay for the heavy funeral and burial costs. Please go here and help by donating whatever you can afford.

Here are your links, images, bad Photoshops, out-of-context quotes and wild generalities for Wednesday, April 4, 2012.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

Vancouver rallied from two down to beat the Anaheim Ducks 5-4 in the shootout, in which the Canucks went 3-for-3! | The Province

Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy picked up the Canucks Army story about the Canucks being the only team in the NHL this season to not receive a suspension or a fine from Brendan Shanahan. Cool stuff! | PD

PITB chats with Ryan Kesler about the lack of offense (not a problem last night against the Ducks), his role as a defensive forward, his success playing with Booth and Higgins and much more.

Thomas Drance analyzes the Canucks' style of play over the course of their current winning streak. | CanucksArmy

Alain Vigneualt has been known to occasionally come down with a case of the giggles. You know what would never make him giggle, though? Rioting. | CHB

Last night's win put the Canucks in a dead heat with the Rangers for the President's Trophy. Tyler Drowe breaks down which team has the best shot to take the highly coveted trophy home. | Smug Nation

NHL News & Notes

The Phoenix Coyotes held on to the 7th seed in the West on the strength of Mike Smith's third straight shutout, a 54-save effort that keeps the Dogs ahead of the Sharks and Stars. | CBC

Speaking of, those two teams met last night and San Jose walked away with the crucial two points. Dallas is now 3 points back, which with only two games left is damn near impossible to make up. This will be very tough to take for the Stars; likely the second straight year they've lost their playoff spot in the final games of the season. | Sportsnet

While one team lost hold of their destiny, another got it back: Buffalo pulled off a chaotic comeback victory against the Leafs. While they could still win out and not make it due to the tiebreaker with Washington, they've at least given themselves a legitimate shot. | PD

The Rangers clinched their first Eastern Conference title since their Cup-winning season in '94 last night, downing the Flyers. | NHL

This is the first time I've seen this feature, but it's an interesting one: Justin Bourne looks at Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts of the week and counters with some analysis of his own. | Backhand Shelf