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Last Day Of The 1st Round - Thursday Playoffs Open Thread


So we come to the end of the 1st round. So far, the entire West has been decided, with Blues-Kings and Coyotes-Predators matchups slotted for the 2nd round. It's pretty disgusting to think that one of these teams will be in the Stanley Cup Finals. Anyways, out East, we still have some crazyness to sort out. The Flyers were joined by the Capitals last night for 2nd round berths, but they still have to wait on tonight's results to find out who they will play.

4:00 pm PDT: Rangers vs Senators, Game 7. This series was generally anticipated to be an easy one for New York by many. However, Craig Anderson has proved he can meet the challenge set by Henrik Lundqvist, and Ottawa managed to keep them on their toes. Viewable on CBC.

5:30 pm PDT: Panthers vs Devils, Game 7. Okay, once again I ask, how many of you called that Florida would get at least 3 wins in this series? Looking at the blog's fantasy brackets, only 14 out of 48 did. They are playing great this series, despite Martin Brodeur being the goalie in the other net. Viewable on TSN.

Go catfights.