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TSN Source: Luongo To Provide Team List; Plus More Canucks Updates

Wow. This is now a possibility....
Wow. This is now a possibility....

I was ecstatic when the Bruins were eliminated by Washington tonight, but then some jackass (heh) posted a tweet from TSN's James Duthie in the game thread saying his sources are saying that Roberto Luongo will indeed provide the Canucks with a short list of teams that he will be willing to be traded to and that one of them is the Toronto Maple Leafs. So yeah, I made a little visual of it above because we may as well prepare ourselves. The Leafs are not a guaranteed destination for him, and even seem unlikely considering Luongo has always stated that he wants to play on a team that has a chance to win a Stanley Cup. But hey, maybe Lou would put them into the playoffs. Lots of work to be done in T.O. though. If the insider is correct, then Lou obviously doesn't mind playing in a hockey-mad market that puts their goalies under a huge microscope. ALSO, as Jason Botchford points out, the Leafs employ goalie coach Francois Allaire, a long-time goalie guru of Luongo's. Yeah, get ready, fans. This story is heating up and we will not hear the end of it for quite some time. As Down Goes Brown puts it:

Toronto Maple Leafs will submit a list of goalies anywhere near as good as Roberto Luongo they've had post-lockout. Nobody will be on it.

Anyway, we know that Mike Gillis has already met with his goaltenders. So, Mike Gillis is either going to sign Cory Schneider and Lou's out, or, MG is just giving himself options to see what the teams Lou jots down on paper will offer. Wait, what am I saying? Lou is not going to be a Canuck in fall of 2012. And that makes me god damned sad.

-In other Canucks news, Ryan Kesler recently said:

"It’s tough coming off injuries, it sounds like another excuse, but it’s tough, it took me longer than expected, I probably came back a little too early, but that’s hindsight now and I felt the last two months I was skating really well and for me I was happy to see that."

However, Kesler also admitted that he injured his shoulder in February and that he needs to see the doctors to see what further action is needed. Surgery is a definite possibility.

-Mason Raymond admitted it was

difficult to go through his injury and not be able to work out through last summer and training camp.

Guys like Raymond and Kesler are really going to benefit from having a long summer. More on these 2 guys from Derek Jory at

- Kevin Bieksa was struggling with an abdominal injury for the past 6 weeks. They are not sure exactly what the problem is yet, according to his agent. But, those were his "maintenance days" late in the season.

-Alexander Edler may require surgery on a broken finger that never healed since last year's playoffs (a slash from a bastard Bruin in Game 6 of the Finals). He said it did not affect his play this season.

-Chris Tanev, who will be working with Gary Roberts for the second straight summer, plans on working on his shot.

-Could the Canucks trade Ryan Kesler? It's not unthinkable, says Iain MacIntyre. Oh, the offseason, hey?

In the March 6 edition of this blog, I mentioned that Vancouver "targeted" a few players in a possible Cody Hodgson deal. Zack Kassian was one, obviously. I also noted Brandon Sutter, who the Carolina Hurricanes love, and made an educated guess at John Carlson (which appears to be true). Canucks GM Mike Gillis said Tuesday there were six players. According to a couple of sources, sounds like the fourth was Erik Gudbranson and the fifth Kyle Clifford. No. 6? Not sure.

That from Elliote Friedman and his 30 thoughts at CBC sports. Worth a look!

And finally:

WOOOO!!! I know, it comes across as a bitter Canucks fan laughing at the team that beat them last season but...YEAH THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS! SO WHAT? Way to go, Joel Ward! And in regards to all the racist comments put out there on Twitter by angered Bruins fans, using the N-word, and all the hooplah...I have 3 things to say:

1. Racism is rampant whether people like it or not. The people who used the racist slurs towards Ward on Twitter are meatheads and are fools to put it on a social network. But do not use the racist slurs by several hundred idiots on fucking Twitter to judge the Bruins' fanbase.

2. The people getting all up in arms about it on Twitter need to invest their time in other areas. Really. The Caps just knocked the reigning champs off their throne and racism takes the main stage? Give me a fucking break. The main stage is that the Washington Capitals knocked off our mortal enemy, the Boston Bruins!

3. Twitter can be really fucking stupid. People need to invest their time in other areas.

And that's all I gotta say about that.