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They Go On Without Us - Monday Playoffs Open Thread


We all know that last night was absolutely heartbreaking for us Vancouver fans, with the Canucks losing in OT to be eliminated from the playoffs. However, the post-season continues for others, as there are still 4 other 1st round matchups to be decided. I know many of you will want to take a break from hockey, and that's understandable. But for those of you who do want to watch, here's what is on today:

4:00 pm PDT: Senators vs Rangers, Game 6. Craig Anderson is proving to be a worthy match in goal for Henrik Lundqvist, and Ottawa now finds themselves in a position to eliminate the favourite New York team. Viewable on CBC.

6:00 pm PDT: Blackhawks vs Coyotes, Game 6. Phoenix managed to push Chicago to the brink of elimination, but Jonathan Toews scored in overtime in game 5 to force another game. Can Chicago do it again? Viewable on TSN.

Go catfights.