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Morning Buzz: The switch that was never flipped

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Well, that's all she wrote...unless you're an actual writer, in which case it's time to break out the scalpel and magnifying glass and start dissecting the still-warm carcass of the Vancouver Canucks' 2011-12 season.

Full marks to the LA Kings. They had a game plan and executed it almost perfectly. They out-hustled the Canucks at every turn, and was it all that surprising? A plethora of individual awards, a trip to the Finals and two straight Presidents' Trophies has clearly led to some complacency in the effort department amongst this group. When you win as much as the Canucks did this year when not playing your best, it erodes your mental focus. The Kings' game-tying goal personified this last night; one guy in white outworking four guys in blue to score. Given their position in the series, the Canucks should have been the more desperate team, but the attitude from the regular season — that success was inevitable regardless of the effort — finally led to their undoing.

By the way, since this is the last Buzz of the season, thank you for reading this blog everyday, and thanks to Zandberg and Yankee for bringing me on early in the season. It's been a great experience, and I've truly enjoyed reading your comments and the discussion that these posts have generated.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

Full credit to our own vancitydan for being the first Canucks blogger I saw with a game recap up on a tough night.

Meanwhile the Globe & Mail was the first media outlet to break down the game and the series.

Fans (including myself) reacted harshly on Twitter to the news that Ryan Kesler didn't show up for post-game interviews. According to Iain MacIntyre, though, that wasn't the case.

Watch Farhan Lalji's report for TSN.

Elliott Pap with a multitude of thoughts on the Canucks' demise. | VS

The one massive area of concern is the lack of offense. The Canucks scored just 8 goals in 5 games in this series, and if you go back to the Finals last year, have scored only 16 goals in their last 12 playoff games. While they insist they're comfortable in these low-scoring games, they're putting themselves at the mercy of a bad bounce or a perfect shot. If one of the goalies is moved this summer, you would have to think Mike Gillis will want offense coming back the other way.

The glaring lack of goals would have been less so if Ryan Kesler was anywhere near the player he was last season. You can blame it on the hip surgery if you want, but the fact is the Canucks need Kesler to be that elite two-way winger who can take over games if they want to contend.

Tony Gallagher does his thing. He's been calling for AV's head all year, and he will likely get his wish this summer. | The Province

Jason Brough agrees with Gallagher, and believes the way in which the Canucks have failed in the playoffs has to fall on AV's shoulders. | PHT

Here are as many post-game reaction videos as I could round up. Very tough to watch Salo.

If you thought Salo's video was sad, here's the "Thank you fans" video. Wait, is that Colplay?!

NHL News & Notes

It's hard to give a care about the other teams when yours is eliminated, but there is some entertaining stuff going on.

Check out the Flyers' post-game celebration after eliminating the Penguins.

Tyler Seguin scored a beautiful goal to extend the Bruins' season yesterday. | PD

It sounds as if Daniel Alfredsson might return for Game 6 tonight against the Rangers. | Backhand Shelf

Can the Hawks win at home to extend their series against the Coyotes to 7 games? It'll be tough, considering the Yotes' record at the United Centre. | CBC

Like 98% of people who did a playoff pool this year, Tyler Rowe's playoff bracket is wrong, wrong, WRONG! | Smug Nation