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Canucks Are Eliminated - Postgame Sobbing Thread


Yes, it is over. Jarret Stoll got the winner 4:27 into overtime, as the Los Angeles Kings pick up the 2-1 game win, as well as the 4-1 series win. The Vancouver Canucks have been eliminated from the playoffs.
Here's an open thread for us all to wallow in our misery for tonight. A couple quick notes, though:

  • If you feel inclined to go congratulate any Kings fans, Jewels From The Crown and Battle of California would be good places to visit. Their team really did well against us.
  • If I see any riot jokes or fighting amongst you folks, I will blow a gasket.
  • If you come to troll, just screw off before we make you do so.
  • Just remember this: we have had quite the year of heartbreak with this team, with what happened last June and over the summer. We should be thankful that the Canucks pulled off another great regular season, and hope for another shot at glory next year.

Sob away.