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Why The Canucks SHOULD try to win the west?

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Sometimes things are so obvious, that we don't even have to look behind the numbers but just at the numbers which shout things out at us! :

Didn't think I needed to post this, but I keep hearing/and reading that it doesn't really matter if we get first.


Hypothetical( test of sobriety:) )

Which team would you like to play in the playoffs?

GF GA GD Pos. F W%
Team A 2.9 1.6 1.3 58% 77%
Team B 2.1 2.1 0 52% 45%

Unless you have started on the suds early, of course we would choose team B. By the way, Team A would be the best team in NHL history. While Team B ranking 22nd out of 30 struggling to make the playoffs.

~ Chances of the Canucks winning a game against Team A 35%

~ chances of Canucks winning a game against Team B 66%

An ~ resounding 30% difference!

Team A is : St.Louis Home

Team B is : St. Louis Away

Also, since 1994 the top seed in the west has made it to the conference finals ~66% of the time.

Still articles like these were written?

Wait what about injuries. They can happen anytime, anywhere, (unfortunately, just ask Manny, or Sid, orDaniel)

Obvious Point 2

# of Flights win in 4 games Win in 5 games win in 6 games win in 7 games
Home ice advantage
2 Flights 2 Flights 4 Flights 4 flights
Lower seeded team 2 Flights 4 Flights 4 flights 6 Flights

As Coach Vigneault is continually pointing out about the tough schedule 6 games in 9, and 8 in 13 blah blah blah,{most recently on todays press conference broadcast on team 1040 radio}

And as even GM. Mike Gillis played the ' we have played a whole lot of hockey in the last year' card.{on team 1040 radio a few weeks back}. You think flying less would be good?!?!Finishing first in the West and getting the President's Trophy means a potential 2 to 8 less flights. Another small edge ..but..considering only one westcoast team has ever one the cup..I'm just saying......

The truth is the Canucks showed inexperience when they loss their drive and focus in early March. winning the West and the PT ought to be a goal every year for a westcoast team. By winning out they can gain a very important potential edge in the ultimate goal - winning the Cup! If they don't, consider they are in the powder puff division, They have only themselves to blame! Shame shame!