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Chicago Be Mad! - Thursday Night Playoffs Open Thread

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So, it turns out that both elimination games last night ended up with both the series-trailing teams finding ways to light it up. The Penguins retorted to the Flyers winning a couple 8-4 games by having their own 10-3 game and forcing a Game 5. Meanwhile, the Canucks finally got their Sedinery back, and found a way to beat the Kings. More action tonight, as more teams can start forcing elimination games for the weekend.

  • 4:00 pm PDT Devils vs Panthers, Game 4. So, how many of you predicted that Florida would get at least 2 wins in this series? Stop lying, the brackets competition had the large majority of people picking New Jersey in 4 or 5 games! As Barry Melrose said yesterday, New Jersey needs to stop taking penalties, because they obviously can't kill them. Viewable on TSN2 (getting the shaft for another game).
  • 4:30 pm PDT Capitals vs Bruins, Game 4. Boston grabbed another 1-goal win the other night, where Game 3 finally had more than 3 goals scored. Washington will be without Nicklas Backstrom (one-game suspension), as they try to retie the series. Viewable on CBC.
  • 5:00 pm PDT Blackhawks vs Coyotes, Game 4. To be honest, I wasn't expecting this series to be so dramatic and fascinating. However, after Raffi Torres got himself indefinitely suspended for sending Marian Hossa to the hospital on a stretcher, and Phoenix scoring yet another OT goal, this series is getting CRAZAY!!!! Chicago is likely livid about Game 3, and will want to retie the series tonight as they look for vengeance. Viewable on TSN.
  • 7:30 pm PDT Sharks vs Blues, Game 4. Ken Hitchcock is having Brian Elliott start Game 4, as it appears that having him in Game 3 turned out well for St. Louis. San Jose is still managing to keep up for the most part, but they need to get some wins if they expect to survive. Viewable on TSN, might get the shaft if Phoenix-Chicago takes extra time.

Go catfights.