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Morning Buzz: Canucks resurrect playoff hopes, and the ancient art of Sedinery

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Cory Schneider saves Dustin Brown's shootout attempt, and Vancouver's season.
Cory Schneider saves Dustin Brown's shootout attempt, and Vancouver's season.

It was hard to imagine the Canucks going out quietly in a four-game sweep at the hands of the LA Kings, especially when they had controlled the balance of the play 5-on-5 through three games, had scored more goals at even strength than LA, and literally not had a single bounce go their way yet. That changed in a big way last night, with the Sedins reuniting to resurrect a PowerPlay that was on life support, as well as Kevin Bieks catching a nice bounce on the eventual game winner.

There's still a long road to travel in this series alone, but the Canucks were able to not just pick up the win but gain confidence in the areas that should help them keep winning. If Ryan Kesler can rediscover his Beast Mode switch in the three full days until the next game, the Canucks could really be a force again.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

Ben Kuzma with a solid wrap-up of last night's affairs. | The Province

Daniel Wagner talks about how it's been hard to enjoy Cory Schneider's success this season. Anything positive that Schneider does is immediately deemed a negative for Roberto Luongo. | PITB

Botchford discusses the implications of giving Cory the start in Game 4. One one hand they could be drastic, but on the other I don't think anyone would be shocked if AV went back to Luongo for Game 5 (which I personally think would be nuts). | The White Towel

Cam Charron takes a statistical look at Ryan Kesler's performance so far in this postseason. | CanucksArmy

j.Bowman presents a Vancouver Canucks / Game of Thrones mash-up entitled 'Game of Cups". | LoB

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, ESPN put together 30 documentaries of some of the biggest stories in sports history. One of them was "Four Days in October", chronicling the 2004 Red Sox and their comeback from a 0-3 series deficit to the Yankees. Check it out.

NHL News & Notes

So that Philadelphia / Pittsburgh game was pretty good last night. It was 1-0 Flyers, then it was 2-1 Pens, then it was 3-2 Flyers...then it was 10-3 Pens. That series is really something! | Backhand Shelf

Kyle Turris fired a laserbeam over the shoulder of Henrik Lundqvist in overtime to tie the series with the Rangers 2-2. Seriously, what a shot, right between the legs of Anton Stralman. Time to bring out the critics who believe Lundqvist plays too deep in his net. | PD

A good read from mc79hockey on Raffi Torres and "the line" that exists in hitting in the NHL. If you haven't heard, Torres was suspended indefinitely pending a hearing tomorrow.

Don Cherry believes Torres will receive 10 games. | CBC

Marian Hossa will not play in Game 4 for the Hawks, to no one's surprise. Hard to imagine him playing again in this series. | NHL