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The Bandwagon, It Is Emptying For Some - Wednesday Night Pregame Open Thread

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My goodness, the first week of the playoffs became anarchy, didn't it? From big upsets to crazy goaltending to millions of dangerous hits, it has been absolutely ridiculous. Tonight, we finally get to our first elimination night of the post-season, with two teams on the verge of hitting the golf course.

4:30 pm PDT: Senators vs Rangers, Game 4. So far so good for the Rangers, who have Henrik Lundqvist and Brian Boyle leading them to a 2-1 series lead. Ottawa will need Craig Anderson to challenge King Henrik's dominance. Viewable on CBC.

4:30 pm PDT: Flyers vs Penguins, Game 4. Ah, our first possible elimination, with Philadelphia needing only one more win to eliminate their bitter rival. When I say "bitter rival", that is clearly an understatement, considering Game 3. James Neal and Arron Asham have been suspended, and Sidney Crosby proved to everyone that he can easily lose control when he doesn't get his way, just like a baby having a temper tantrum. Go play some golf, Sid. Viewable on TSN.

7:00 pm PDT: Kings vs Canucks, Game 4. Unfortunately, our game tonight is also an elimination one. There is an upside, though: at least we didn't humiliate ourselves as bad as Pittsburgh. Cory Schneider will be back in net, and Daniel Sedin expects to play. Viewable on CBC, gamethread will go up right at 7:00.

Go catfights. Oh, and also go Flyers.