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Morning Buzz: Two Sedins better than one; Torres up to old tricks; more suspensions handed out

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Go get it.
Go get it.

A win or a loss tonight could set many things in motion, but those things are for another day. Today is about progress. Make a hit. Block a shot. Go to the net. Score a goal. Win a period. Do those things and you might just win a game. Anything's possible after that, but it has to start somewhere.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

Previewing a huge Game 4 in Los Angeles. | Canucks

Daniel Sedin was back at practise yesterday, and CanucksTV provided some footage:

Botchford feels like Daniel is being rushed back. For an organization that takes such good care of its players, and considering Daniel actually plays with a family member, I just can't see them putting him in if everyone isn't 100% certain. | The White Towel

Daniel playing isn't a given, but the Kings are preparing for two Sedins on the ice tonight. | VS

So who stars in goal for the Canucks tonight? Here's one take. | HTTN

Yesterday's practise had David Booth up with Henrik and Daniel, Burrows with Kesler and Higgins back on the 3rd line. | The Province

Here's a fascinating look at the teams who have come back from 0-3 series deficits. | CanucksArmy

How would you gauge the response to Dustin Brown's hit on Henrik Sedin? It still infuriates me that Bieksa went after him, then nailed him with a perfectly clean hipcheck later on, and the first words out of PJ Stock's mouth in the intermission are "WHERE'S THE RESPONE?!?!" | PITB

If the Canucks are going to have any chance of coming back in this series, Ryan Kesler is going to be at his best. The Stanchion (who's overdue for an assist on a Canucks game winner by the way) still believes in him. | LoB

Johnny Canucks is back with another short film. The production value here is insane!

NHL News & Notes

Raffi Torres unleased a brutal, predatory hit on Marrian Hossa last night, a year to the day after doing the same thing to Brent Seabrook as a member of the Canucks. | Smug Nation

Here's the hit if you missed it. It's way late and Torres leaves his feet, but what stands out to me the most is the force in which Torres delivers the check. Can't imagine what that would feel like.

It's becoming hard to keep up with all the suspensions in these playoffs, but here are the latest: James Neal got one for running around on Couturier and Giroux, Aaron Asham got four (!), and Nicklas Backstrom got one for his crosscheck on Rich Peverley. Raffi Torres will no doubt be added to this list today, and it will be the longest one yet.

The Predators have pushed the Red Wings to the brink of elimination, shockingly winning both games at the Joe. | CBC

All this after Todd Bertuzzi and a security guard shutdown Nashville's innocent game of ping-pong. | NP

Who says a 3-0 deficit is insurmountable? The Panthers pulled it off in one game against the Devils last night. It sort of pleases me to see a team that is terrible by almost any metric doing well. | Sportsnet

The Philadelphia Daily News has a real humdinger of a cover today. Wow. | PD