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Don't Annoy Beelzebub - Tuesday Night Playoffs Open Thread

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Yes, I know. It is hard to wait for Wednesday to come around. Especially since there will be two elimination games on hand: the Flyers can eliminate the Penguins, and (gulp) the Kings could eliminate the Canucks. In the meantime, we'll have to watch these other 3 series, where they all look very close:

4:00 pm PDT: Devils vs Panthers, Game 3. Florida won their first playoff game in 15 years the other night to tie the series, but New Jersey will look to retake the series lead on home ice. Viewable on TSN.

4:30 pm PDT: Red Wings vs Predators, Game 4. Nashville got back the series lead the other night, but Detroit won't ever let them get away with it. Viewable on CBC.

6:00 pm PDT: Blackhawks vs Coyotes, Game 3. Chicago tied up the series, and looks to build that momentum as the series moves into Chicago's aptly-named "Madhouse". Viewable on TSN, will likely be shafted to TSN2 to start.

Go catfights.