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Canucks @ Kings Game 3: 1st Period Thread

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7:30 pm PDT, CBC

As the Canucks attempt to get into the series, Vigneault made the bold move of putting Cory Schneider in net tonight instead of Roberto Luongo. Will this motivate our boys against the Kings?

Inigo Montoya: My father was slaughtered by a six-fingered man. He was a great swordmaker, my father. When the six-fingered man appeared and requested a special sword. My father took the job. He slaved a year before it was done. (shows the Man in Black the sword)
Man in Black: I've never seen its equal.
Inigo Montoya: The six-fingered man returned and demanded it, but at one tenth his promised price, my father refused. Without a word, the six-fingered man slashed him through the heart. I loved my father. So naturally, I challenged his murderer to a duel. I failed. The six-fingered man left me alive, but he gave me these. (strokes the scars on his cheeks)
Man in Black: How old were you?
Inigo Montoya: I was eleven years old. And when I was strong enough, I dedicated my life to the study of fencing. So the next time we meet, I will not fail. I will go up to the six-fingered man and say, "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Coconuts go, KILL THE KINGS!!!!!!!!!