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Canuck Brunch- Let's Go!

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A storm's a brewin'... Trollpocalypse is upon us brothers and sisters. No matter how hard we try to fight the good fight, there are others out there who will tell us that we do not. When we say that we are worthy competitors, and ready to ascend the throne, there is a nation of douche bags, simpletons and bastards that tell us we are not. I stand here before you today a man who sees the black clouds of fear and despair swirling around Canuck Nation, and yea, many of you have taken cover, heeding the words of the doubters and naysayers that the end is nigh. Brothers and sisters, this is not the time for doubt. Fight your fear. Ignore the trolls. This team can and will rise above. The battle will be long, and fierce, but in the end the warriors in blue, green and white shall vanquish these pretenders to the throne! Stand up! Get loud! This is NOT over, not by a long shot. Misery comes from the north to California tonight... LET'S GO!

It's not a simple fix. I really believe Zandberg nailed it in the preview though when he said that getting out of Vancouver and on the road is going to help. The Canucks were among the league's best road teams this season. How good were they away from Rogers Arena? They won more games on the road than the Kings won at home. I also agree with Z's assertion that they have completely lost their special teams confidence, though it's fairly lopsided, as the penalty kill has been one of the Canucks' saving graces through all of this. The power play's baffling disappearance has been a source of contention for a while now. If the Canucks can fight through LA's PK and pop one or two, the complexion of this series is altered, big time.

The Kings have played well, don't get me wrong. There is however something that just screams 'VEGAS!' about this so far. They've been gambling, and have come out fairly lucky. Bounces galore. Short handed goals. Capitalizing on uncharacteristic mistakes. Darryl Sutter's team is rolling the dice and coming up 7's every time so far. As we all know, eventually, snake eyes will bring you down. One bounce the Canucks way. That's all it's gonna take. Something to get this team's swagger back. And right now, they are in a fairly good place. For all their brave talk, the Kings really didn't believe they would be up 2-0 on the Presidents' Trophy winners. These are uncharted waters for them and there's more pressure on them now, to continue roll a 7 in front of their own fans than there was in Vancouver. This is still a team with a goaltender who hasn't won a series in his career. He's played well, but he certainly is not the reason they're up 2-0. Time to water the seeds of doubt we planted 2 seasons ago and watch them bloom.

The defence needs to play better. The Canucks forwards need to battle harder. The one issue that hasn't come up, despite what some may tell you, is goaltending. Yeah, I know. Short leash, right? The problem here is that some of you seem to misunderstand the concept. If you really believe that the play of Roberto Luongo in any way contributed to these losses, you really struggle with the basic concepts of hockey in my opinion. Luongo has done well with a near complete abandonment from his defence corps. He's certainly played well enough to earn a chance to turn this around. It's not about being fair to Schneider. This is a team game. The number one goalie is one of the best in the world. Let him show you what he can do, and if the Canucks get back to the defensively responsible play we've seen so much of this season, they could very well head back to Vancouver evened up.

The Canucks to a man must play better. They are the better team here, people. Once they remember this, things will return to the way they should be. The end is not coming, friends. We're just getting started.