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Silly Coyotes.... - Saturday Playoffs Open Thread

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Last night got brutal for us. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with our powerplay??? Anyways, since probably a few people are fighting hangovers, there is luckily an earlier game to keep us entertained. Here's what is on the plate today.

12:00 pm PST: Bruins vs Capitals, Game 2. Tim Thomas ended up with the overtime shutout last game, but Braden Holtby proved that he can stand on his head against Boston. Washington needs to start scoring, though. Viewable on CBC.

4:00 pm PST: Rangers vs Senators, Game 2. Despite a late attempt at a comeback last game, Ottawa still has some trouble against this New York team. Viewable on CBC.

4:30 pm PST: Blues vs Sharks, Game 2. San Jose got lucky getting the double-overtime winner the other night, and this series is looking to be a very close one. Viewable on TSN.

7:00 pm PST: Coyotes vs Blackhawks, Game 2. Martin Hanzal got the winner in overtime last game, and Shane Doan was all over the place. Jonathan Toews returned, but has definitely been a target for hits from Phoenix players. Viewable on TSN.

Go catfights.