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It's A Cats & Rats Epidemic! - Pregame Open Thread

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Some crazy hockey so far this post-season. Last night had 3 of 4 games going to overtime. Intense. Tonight has more hockey.

4:00 pm PST: Panthers vs Devils, Game 1. Florida returns to the post-season for the first time since 2000. Seriously, that last playoff series for them had Pavel Bure as their top scorer as they got swept by New Jersey. Viewable on TSN.

4:30 pm: Flyers vs Penguins, Game 2. Philadelphia pulled off a big comeback win last time, and Pittsburgh will want to even the series. Viewable on TSN as well (this one will likely end up on TSN2).

4:30 pm: Predators vs Red Wings, Game 2. Shea Weber got away with what lots of people are calling a very dangerous move. Detroit doesn't get mad, though, they just take out their vengeance by scoring a ton. Viewable on CBC.

7:00 pm: Canucks vs Kings, Game 2. Our game, obviously. Gamethread will go up right at 7:00. Viewable on CBC.

Go catfights. (Any suggestions to what I can put here? BoC already uses "drama".)