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Screw The Bruins - Thursday Night Playoffs Open Thread

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So, it appears that we could use extra open threads for talking about other games in progress. Here is what the NHL has lined up for us tonight:

4:00 pm PST: Rangers vs Senators, Game 1. New York is a clear favourite for this matchup, but Ottawa might have something to say about that. Viewable on CBC network.

4:30 pm PST: Bruins vs Capitals, Game 1. Boston can go to hell, and it looks like Alex Ovechkin and his crew are the first ones to attempt to eliminate them. Viewable on CBC network as well.

4:30 pm PST: Blues vs Sharks, Game 1. San Jose seems to think that having a lower seed this year can help remove the "choker" label. I don't think it will work. Viewable on TSN.

7:00 pm PST: Coyotes vs Blackhawks, Game 1. Phoenix hopes to actually win a playoff series for once, while Chicago hopes to remain a Western force to fear. Viewable on TSN.

Go catfights.