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Canuck Brunch- I Against I

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If you've been wandering around in a daze lately, it's no wonder. The Canucks have played so many games of late it seems a tad unnatural to go even 2 days without seeing the boys play. Fret not, for they're back in action tonight, taking on the Dallas Stars in a game that is quite likely going to have some grittiness to it for a number of reasons. The Canucks got jobbed in the 1st meeting between these teams a little over a week ago, as the officials made a number of inexplicable calls, most notably the icing that allowed them to set up with a faceoff in the Canucks end, down a goal with less than a minute to go. The Dallas defenceman didn't just take the long route to get to that puck on the icing, he left the building and took a cab over to Cowboys Stadium, worked on a new routine with the cheerleaders, stopped off for some ribs at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, and then met Ed Belfour in the parking lot for a cigarette. Oh yeah, and then there's Vern Fiddler, too. Alain Vigneault may have laughed, but I have a hunch Kevin Bieksa makes the already frighteningly unattractive Fiddler his Marleau, if you know what I mean...

The great part about Saturday's game is we can forget about it. Anyone who tries to read too much into that is just gonna suffer a brain cramp. So what better way to do that than take on a potential first round opponent who stole a game from them recently? Add in the fact that the Stars look like they'll go with rookie Richard Bachman tonight, and this game has 'Sedin comeback' written all over it. Expect the Canucks to use the last change to try and get some favourable line matchups, and to pepper the kid with shots. The 2nd line of Ryan Kesler, David Booth and Zack Kassian will be looked upon to continue what was a pretty decent first go of things Saturday, with Booth scoring twice and Kassian notching a goal and an assist.

Apart from the Sedins, the other thing that needs to get back into gear is the Canucks PP. It's gone completely cold, and looks so scattered and disorganized right now it's truly frustrating to watch. Time for special teams coach Newell Brown to simplify things, stop trying the pretty set plays and focus on not just getting shots, but ensuring there's traffic in front of Bachman and that they're fighting for rebounds, getting those 2nd and 3rd chances. Basically, the Canucks need to stop all the self-destructive mistakes that have seem them miss a step of late. They've been their own worst enemy. Tonight, an opportunity to change that.

I appreciate your patience today, as I try and work my writing into adjusting to going back to work. I'm kind of easing my way back into working a few hours a day (thanks to the always dreadful late winter/early spring weather in Victoria), so sometimes my posts will be a little behind schedule.


Wait? No metal? Nope, not today. Heard this one on my way home from work today and thought I would throw it your way. One of the originators of the US hardcore scene, ground breaking both for incorporating elements of reggae as well as breaking the colour barrier of a music scene that was almost exclusively white and middle class, Bad Brains were truly one of a kind.