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Truly, You Have A Dizzying Intellect - Canucks vs Flames Gamethread

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7:00 pm PST, CBC
After Hours guest: Cory Schneider
Enemy territory: Matchsticks and Gasoline
Enemy pro: Mike Cammalleri is still barely scoring.
Enemy con: Jarome Iginla is still a threat.

If you're in the Commercial/Broadway area of Vancouver tonight during the game, head over to the Nucks Misconduct meetup at St. Augustine's.

Yes, I like to borrow movie ideas from Kent's brunches for these gamethreads. Let's face it, Princess Bride is awesome. And this particular scene matches the Flames well. Calgary is like Vizzini right now, thinking they can cleverly find a way to get into the playoffs, not realizing that they will soon be officially eliminated. Let's have the Canucks spike both glasses of wine with the iocane powder, and watch Calgary head to the golf course for another spring.

Coconuts go.