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Go Away Already - Canucks vs Stars Gamethread


7:00 pm PST, TSN
Enemy territory: Defending Big D
Enemy pro: Let's send Adam Burish to the box again.
Enemy con: Their captain Brenden Morrow is back.

Once again, I'm annoyed at the schedule makers for putting all the Canucks-Stars matchups so close to the end of the season. Seriously, I'm getting tired of facing this team. Unfortunately, we might have to see them even more. With the crazyness that is the Pacific division, Dallas barely holds the 3rd seed right now, and could easily drop to 7th, 8th or 9th. Obviously, if they drop, they could easily face us in the 1st round. Personally, I say let them win that division, and they can get whipped by Chicago in the 1st round.

Coconuts go.