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Morning Buzz: It's boring, but it's part of my life

"You have your ubulus muscle...that connects to the upper's boring, but it's part of my life."
"You have your ubulus muscle...that connects to the upper's boring, but it's part of my life."

Whether you're feeling the effects of a big win and the celebration that followed, or you're just crushing as much caffeine as you can to make it through the day, everyone needs a good buzz in the morning. Here are your links, images, bad Photoshops, out-of-context quotes and wild generalities from one of the most vocal and misunderstood fanbases in the league (plus a link or two from the grumpy old men who get paid to cover the team).

If you have something you'd like to include in the Buzz, please email me.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

On the night that Anchorman 2 was announced, the Canucks completed the 6-0 season sweep of the Avalanche. Cory Schneider is 12-1 in his last 13 starts, following up Roberto Luongo's shutout on Monday with one of his own.

Ed Willes writes a positive articles about the team, possibly because Coach V threatened to beat the shit out of him if he didn't. | The Province

Henrik Sedin had another hooking penalty last night, a few hours after Daniel Wagner showed us how deserving Hank is of the nickname Captain Hook. | PITB

The Canucks week in tweets. Always entertaining (and slightly sad). | CanucksArmy

The Canucks have been playing a lot of boring games lately. Does this represent a shift in philosophy of the Mike Gillis/Alain Vigneault hive mind? | HTTN

Brian Beitz takes an extended look at whether or not the Canucks are avoiding blocking shots. | Smug Nation

What's Keith Ballard been up to the past couple months? The answers may surprise you! | LoB

Yesterday Zandberg posted the official Canucks anti-riot video. Here are the outtakes (Bieksa's "together" at 1:04 is the best):

Not sure who's behind this, but Mason Raymond now has his own version of HartnellDown. All donations to MayRayDown go to Canucks Place Hospice (apparently...again, not sure how legit this is).

NHL News & Notes

Kris Letang is hurt again, but it doesn't sound serious. | NHL

The Toronto Maple Leafs are "embarrassed" about how their season is ending. The one who's face should be the most red is Brian Burke, who has no excuses left. He built that entire time and it's chock-full of awful, bloated contracts. I can't think of a reasonable argument to let him keep his job. | CBC

In that vein, Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming team up again for "Because of the Cap", a Leafs-themed spoof on the NHL's "Because it's the Cup" ads. | Backhand Shelf

The Blue Jackets exploited the Red Wings' ineptitude on the road last night, which could eventually be their downfall in the playoffs. | PHT

What's Teemu Selanne's frame of mind as the season winds down? Is this it or will he go for another lap? | PD