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Sorry for Party Rocking - Canucks vs Avalanche Gamethread

7:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Mile High Hockey
Enemy pro: Gabriel Landeskog is yet another hot young Swede.
Enemy con: Shane O`Brien actually scored the other night.
A couple reasons for using LMFAO as a gamethread idea. First, the Canucks are acting a bit like them right now, starting to take all the wins against the teams who are trying to make the playoffs. Dallas, Colorado and LA are all trying to secure a playoff spot, and we just found our winning groove again. Sorry for being awesome. Second, this song is the only idea I had this morning.
Anyways, the Canucks host the Avalanche for the last time this season. If Colorado should somehow make the playoffs, we might see them again in the next couple months. If not, have fun playing golf. (Relax, you'd still be better than Calgary.)
Coconuts go.