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Top of the Northwest Again - Canucks @ Avalanche Gamethread


7:00 pm PST, CBC
Enemy territory: Mile High Hockey
Enemy pro: Hello, Shane O`Brien.
Enemy con: Milan Hejduk is a Canuck killer.

Originally, I had this gamethread talking about how the Canucks and Avalanche should try going to OT tonight. Colorado would get valuable points towards their playoff race, Vancouver would get the 1 point needed to clinch the division, and we could piss off the Flames together. Yes, I still have a love for Calgary schadenfraude. As it turns out, having Calgary lose to the Stars this afternoon clinched our division for us. Thank you, Dallas.
Anyways, we still have 8 games to play in the regular season, and tonight is the first of 2 against Colorado in the span of a few days.

Coconuts go.