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Game Review: `Nucks Shut Down Dallas


COUNTDOWN: 8 more to go....

Canucks Win! Canucks Win!...Is it just me or, Is the Canucks new `old school` defensive-minded hockey much more palpable when we win. The Canucks Captian seems to think so, "I think we have played great hockey the last two games,"The game featured the Reincarnation of Mason Raymond, H. Sedin creating chances off the rush! (Oh! My!) And, the team once again relying heavily on their goaltender. More statistical observations after the jump!


  • Henrik (WD) when playing without Daniel, seems forced to create more chances off the rush like he did last night to set up the Canucks game winning goal. Henrik did what top players ought to do, (Gretzky, of course, was famous for this) help lesser players like Raymond get out of a slump.
  • Canucks team defence had their best game in a long while. They limited Dallas to 26 shots against, well below their season average of 30 and their best defensive road performance against a playoff team in over two months, when they allowed 22 shots in a loss to Florida back in January. Fenwick Against (shots against+ missed shots against) was also an extremely low 33. Overall, it was a `low event` game with only 63 total Corsi events. Seems to be just the way A.V. likes it! Individually, Alex Edler was much improved although the heavy minutes he his logging 24:00 and 26:00 minutes in back to back nights, seems inadvisable or at least worrisome,considering a long playoff run is hopefully around the corner. A night off should be near by.
  • Canucks `mental state` has done a 180 and now after the last two games, according to Henrik, they ``.. feel really good about where we are and it looks good here going forward." Looks like this is one small positive to come out of the D. Keith cheap shot.