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Morning Buzz: Canucks grind one out in Dallas; in-person meeting requested for Keith; Radulov returns

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Henrik celebrates with his new linemates that dont' look like him. Takes me back to 2009...
Henrik celebrates with his new linemates that dont' look like him. Takes me back to 2009...

Whether you're feeling the effects of a big win and the celebration that followed, or you're just crushing as much caffeine as you can to make it through the day, everyone needs a good buzz in the morning. Here are your links, images, bad Photoshops, out-of-context quotes and wild generalities from one of the most vocal and misunderstood fanbases in the league (plus some stuff from people who actually get paid to do it).

If you have something you'd like to include in the Buzz, please email me.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

Despite being on the second night of a back-to-back against the leaders of the Pacific Division (at the time), the Canucks managed a mostly air-tight defensive win against the Stars. Here's the chance data. | CanucksArmy

Harrison Mooney believes that Duncan Keith should be suspended for longer than what he's probably going to get from the NHL. | PITB

On that note, the NHL has requested an in-person meeting with Keith, opening the door for a suspension longer than 5 games. | PHT

So Keith threw a dirty, premeditated elbow to someone's head. I thought he was a "good Canadian boy"? | Smug Nation

What happens to Keith shouldn't really be a concern for us or those in the Canucks organization. What matters is the health of Daniel Sedin, which is still up in the air. | The Province

j.Bowman takes a look at the team's results in the biggest games of the season, and they're all positive. Despite the sub-par results of late, this is one advantage I think this year's team holds over last year's: the ability to step up in huge games and make a statement. | LoB

NHL News & Notes

After a 4-year absence from the NHL and the Nashville Predators, Alexander Radulov scored in his first game back. Which would have been a nice story...if they weren't playing the Penguins. | NP

Geno Malkin now has a 10-point lead over Giroux in the scoring race. Goodnight.

The Western Conference remains a shit show: San Jose won, Phoenix beat Colorado, LA won and took over the lead in the Pacific, and Calgary lost in a shootout. You figure it out.

Speaking of the Flames' loss, Brent Sutter did not take it very well. | PHT

Check out Giroux's ridiculous goal from last night. He toe-dragged around the goalie! Who does that?