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Tough Times Ahead? - Canucks @ Stars Gamethread

5:30 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Defending Big D
Enemy pro: Well, I guess there's Jamie Benn, the Victoria boy....
Enemy con: Loui Eriksson is nearly at point-per-game production.

Okay, the Canucks have been given an interesting challenge now. With last night's game resulting in Daniel Sedin being flown straight back to Vancouver, our boys will have to finish this road trip without him. They have rushed straight to Dallas (seriously, who books those Chicago-Dallas back-to-back road games???) for another game tonight. They built a bit of a spark last night, hopefully they can carry it over.

On the other end of the rink, the Stars are in a division that is really screwing up the standings in the Western Conference. They are currently holding the Pacific lead with 85 points. LA and Phoenix are right behind them in 8th and 9th place, both with 84 points. Basically, the only safe team in that division is the division leader. Should we help give Dallas the boot?

Coconuts go.