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Morning Buzz: Canucks show battle in defeat; Sedin's status uncertain; Doan sits for 3

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All work and no ice time make Kassian something something...via <a href="!/TheStanchion/status/182691367166812160/photo/1">The Stanchion.</a>
All work and no ice time make Kassian something something...via The Stanchion.

Last night's game could have some serious implications for the Canucks as they head into the playoffs. Firstly, a lot will be riding on the health of Daniel Sedin. The cheapshot that Duncan Keith threw on Daniel in the first period will be looked at by the NHL, and my guess is a 3 to 5 game suspension for Keith. All we can do is hope that Daniel escaped the hit without a concussion, which would obviously be devastating this close to the post-season.

The second piece of significance from last night was the Canucks had more jump in their game than we've seen in weeks. They may not have "flipped the switch" into overdrive, but they were definitely teasing us with it. Henrik Sedin made an interesting point to Ray Ferraro before the game, saying something along the lines of it's not the results the team is worried about right now, it's the process of playing the game the right way heading into the playoffs. If that's the case, last night's game was a big step in the right direction.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

A lot happened against Chicago last night. Best get caught up. | The Province

Hank on the seriousness of Daniel's injury: "He didn't continue playing and that's usually when it's bad because he likes to play hockey." Zeimer supplies us with a couple more gems from the Captain:

Henrik on Keith threatening Daniel before hit: "You have to ask Keith. He's a tough Canadian guy so I am sure he is going to be honest."

More Henrik: "But again, they are the tough team over there and we're the diving bunch so I guess there's not much to say about that."

Duncan Keith went political when asked about the elbow after the game. | PHT

Rate the Canucks' individual performances against Chicago. This post sponsored by Mason Raymond and Roberto Luongo. | The White Towel

If a Hollywood movie was made about the Blackhawks, who would play who? This is hilarious, and for the most part, spon on. Totally had to do a double-take at Patrick Kane/Hayden Christensen. | LoB

A look at the week in Canucks tweets. There is some solid gold in here. One girl is having "the worst day ever" because the Canucks signed Joe Cannata. | CanucksArmy

It looks like the new guys over at Smug Nation are doing a sports show. If I'm not mistaken, that looks like my old stomping grounds in the radio studio at Camosun College...

Finally, try not to "awww" too loudly, but Henrik Sedin is afraid of flying, and this is how he calms down in the air:

"I don't do that. I'm scared sh*tless. My brother is not scared at all, Danny likes flying, so he looks out the window and I ask him how it looks and if he sees anything. That's the way I calm down."

NHL News & Notes

Shane Doan has been suspended 3 games for his elbow to the head of Jamie Benn. A precedent for Keith?

Jamie Benn appears to be OK. Let's hope for the same result for Daniel. | ESPN Dallas

The Buffalo Sabres are now tied with Washington for 8th in the East, after a 3-0 win ast night vs. Montreal. What an epic surge in the past month and a half. | CBC

Alexander Radulov's history in Nashville is water under the bridge as far as GM David Poile is concerned. | NP

Bourne notices a correlation between players who take a lot of shots during the game and players who are good players. Yeah! | Backhand Shelf