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Game 74: Canucks At Stars Preview: Whiskey Bent And Hellbound

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Time Thurs. 5:30 PM PST
TV Sportsnet Pac.
Season Series 2-0 Stars
Last Meeting
5-2 Stars Mar.06/12
The Enemy Defending Big D Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 13-57-70 Eriksson: 26-42-68

Well, after an emotional game like the one in Chicago, how will the Canucks come out against a team that they have not beaten this season in two tries? Was the Chicago game, in all its closeness and improved effort of sorts a sign of better things to come for the Canucks as a group? I am not totally sold on it. For one, they failed to score many goals for the 2nd straight game and the only reason why they got a point out of the Hawks game was Roberto Luongo. Ring a bell? We've been hearing that for weeks now. Not every game, but most of them. However, beyond the madness and penalty parade in the 2nd period I thought they played a much better game, even in front of their goaltender.

Dallas is still fighting for their playoff lives. They may lead the Pacific right now and hold 3rd spot in the West, but very quietly the Kings have won 5 straight games and now only trail the Stars by ONE point. The Kings are currently in 8th place. If all the stars align on Thursday,

(as in: Canucks win in regulation as do the Kings and Coyotes) Dallas could fall as far as 7th spot. They are in the middle of a dog fight. They are 7-2-0 in March yet still are on the verge of missing the dance. Crazy. So you know Big D is gonna bring it.

Health-wise, the Stars will be without D Mark Fistric but they have another pest in their line up that we have not seen this season: Brendan Morrow.

The Canucks will at least hold on to 2nd spot in the West but you know....they only trail St. Louis by 5 points for top spot right now. What better time than right now to turn on the jets? They don't need Daniel Sedin to do that. The Blues gotta burn out at some time, right? Yeah I's a tall order to make up those 5 points with only 9 games remaining. But that can become a possibility very quickly.

-I would imagine that this is going to be a Cory Schneider vs Kari Lehtonen match up. I would almost consider starting Lou vs Dallas because he kicked ass in Chicago, at the Madhouse no less.

-How bad is Daniel Sedin's injury? He's most likely dizzy and now we'll have to talk concussions for a while. Shitty. That would mean a promotion for somebody to Line 1 and Manny Malhotra drawing back into the line up.


-Mike The Weasel Ribeiro has scored 3 goals and 2 assists against the Canucks this season.

-Loui Eriksson has 2 goals and 2 assists.

-Michael Ryder has 1 goal and 2 assists.


-Aww...isn't this sweet? Learning how to objectify yourself at a really young age!

-The latest post game shit on CDC after the loss to Chicago?


It ain't funny. Especially because so much of the same shit is on Twitter. I did a Twitter search for Daniel Sedin to see if there was an update on his status. There wasn't one. But there was an assload of idiotic drivel down the TwitDeck search results that I had to sift through. Unfortunately a lot of smack talk and generalizations of teams and fan bases come from these places. Plus, I am not in the mood to argue over how many games Duncan Keith should get. Not in the mood.I don't even give two shits about what Hank is saying to the media about his fallen brother. Actually, I wish he would just shut the fuck up and take the high road.

Like many, I just can't wait for the playoffs to start. I know we have been spoiled this season (again) with the success of our team, but I am sick of these latest efforts from them. And much like christians generally have to put faith in a God they cannot see, I feel like, in a sense, I have to put the same kind of faith in this Canucks squad that they can win the Stanley Cup this season with this current group of (insert plural obscenity here). Fuck the current Bruin, Red Wing etc stats. They are not making me feel any more positive. It is what it is: the highs and lows of being a fan.

-No fancy preview this time due to time constraints. But I will leave you with a video: