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Canucks Sign Goaltender Joe Cannata

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Oh, Cannata
Oh, Cannata

The Canucks website has just announced that the team has signed Merrimack College super-goalie Cannata. They are very high on the 22 year-old who hails from Wakefield, Massachusetts. The Canucks drafted Cannata in the 6th round, 173rd overall in 2009. Lots of praise has been heaped on lately. Canucks Assistant GM Lorne Henning recently said:

"We're very high on him and we are in the process right now of trying to sign him. We love him and have been watching him all year. Dave Gagner (director of player development) was actually just in there to watch him and he is very high on our list."

Signing completed. His coach at Merrimack said that the Canucks "have a special player" in Cannata. Joe's personal coach thinks he is the best goalie in the USA. Well...huh. That's a bold statement.

But the 6'1" , 200 pound Cannata is a Hobey Baker Award candidate.

This season, Cannata has a 17-12-7 record with a superb 2.18 goals against average and .925 save percentage.

More on Cannata after the jump.

Career stats:

At 22 years of age, my guess is the Canucks will try get Cannata with the Wolves by next season, which of course is going to fuel the Cory Schneider / Roberto Luongo trade rumors even further. My opinion is that Eddie Lack will back up Roberto Luongo next season and Schneider will be dealt by the Draft.

Here are some informative videos on Joe Cannata:

Speaking of Hobey Baker Award candidate:

Cannata interview:

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