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Hold It Right There, Sausage Snout - Canucks @ Blackhawks Gamethread

5:00 pm PST, TSN
Enemy territory: Second City Hockey
Enemy pro: Corey Crawford sucks. Not that bad, but still....
Enemy con: Patrick Kane is hot right now. Well, playing hot, at least....

Okay, scratch the optimism I had in Monday's gamethread, Minnesota is a real pain in the butt. Canucks continue their road trip with a stop in Chicago to face the Blackhawks. Ever since the happenings of last June, it has been quite difficult to keep track of Chicago, with our obsession over Boston schadenfraude. Well, it's time for us to refocus on Chicago, as they are poised to possibly face us again in the playoffs. Tonight is definitely a warmup for Round 4 of our playoff rivalry.
And yes, Chicago is meant to be Miss Piggy, and Boston is the ugly one.

Coconuts go.