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Game 73: Canucks At Blackhawks Preview: Hello Nasty!

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Time Wed. 5:00 PM PST
Season Series 2-1 Canucks
Last Meeting
3-2 Canucks Jan.31/12
The Enemy Second City Hockey Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 13-57-70 Hossa: 28-43-71

And now for something a little bit different: I am going to compare where the Canucks are now statistically to where they were last year at this time, with 10 games remaining.

Canucks 10/11
Category Canucks 11/12
47-16-9 Season Record 43-21-8
Conference Position 2nd
Won 7
Streak Lost 1
< Road Record / Road Record>
Last 10 3-5-2
Goals For / Against +/- +41
3.24 (1)
Goals Per Game Average
3.00 (4)
2.28 (1)
Goals Against Per Game Average
2.43 (5)
1.15 (5)
5 On 5 GF/GA 1.14 (5)
25.3 (1)
Power Play %
21.5 (2)
86.4 (2)
Penalty Kill %
85.7 (6)
55.2 (1)
Faceoffs % 52.0 (3)
1613 (13)
1577 (19)
962 (21)
Blocked Shots
874 (28)
11.2 (12)
PIM's Per Game Average
12.9 (26)

Some of the differences there are significant. The goals for / against difference, the winning streak they were on at this time last season, the blocked shots, the power play efficiency (regardless of the rank), the faceoff percentages, the average penalty minutes per game. I am a little alarmed that they rank lower in every category. But...this is only the regular season. Even so, the team is not sharp. Much of the time they looked pathetic and useless against the trapping shitty Wild. I blame Cory Schneider. Roberto Luongo would have allowed the team to win 1-0 in a shootout. Alain Vigneault said today that he has not seen a good consistent effort from his squad since the win over the Blues. That was 8 games ago. He said the Canucks are consistent at being inconsistent. FIRE THE COACH! HE'S RIGHT! Some of the smart guys say the Canucks are taking it easy this time around and saving their energy for the playoffs. Others say the team is in a funk.

I don't know

what to think anymore. Yeah I do. It's a bit of both. But like AV said: maybe it'll take a game like this one against the Blackhawks to bring out the best in our guys. If not...well maybe it will take an 8-0 shit kicking by Chicago to wake them up. Either way, I'm tired of watching the mediocrity.

Oh, and just for your info, last season the Canucks finished their last 10 games with 7 wins and 3 losses. With 10 games left Daniel had 6 goals and 7 assists in his previous 7 games. Hank had 3 goals and 9 assists in his previous 7 games. Ryan Kesler had 2 goals and 4 assists in his previous 5. Ehrhoff had 7 assists in his previous 5. Samuelsson had 6 assists in his previous 6.



For Vancouver:

Roberto Luongo

#1 / Goalie / Vancouver Canucks



Apr 04, 1979


For Chicago:

Corey Crawford

#50 / Goalie / Chicago Blackhawks



Dec 31, 1984

That guy the Hawks fans wanted to lynch a little while ago.


-Canucks. What's this I hear about MayRay practicing on the 2nd line and Higgins on the 4th? AV...what in the blue hell are you thinking? What happened to your reward system?



-Bieksa had a maintenance day and Rome woke up feeling sick on Tuesday. Sick of carrying the team on his back.

No Carcillo, El Montador or Toews for Chicago.'re saying there's a chance?


  • Blackhawks are 5-1 in their last 6 vs. a team with a winning record.
  • Blackhawks are 4-1 in their last 5 games as an underdog.
  • Blackhawks are 4-1 in their last 5 overall.
  • Blackhawks are 4-1 in their last 5 Wednesday games.
  • Blackhawks are 7-2 in their last 9 in the fourth game of a 4-in-6 situation.


But I won't end this post on a freaky note. No way! Check this out:

WOO! And one more!

The title of this whacked-out preview post has been brought to you by the Beastie Boys: