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On The Road Again - Canucks @ Wild Gamethread

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5:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Hockey Wilderness
Enemy pro: So, how exactly do you pronounce Guillaume Latendresse?
Enemy con: I seem to remember making fun of Josh Harding earlier this year, and having it backfire....

That was a great game for the Canucks on Saturday, eh? It was good to see Daniel Sedin scoring again, with Henrik Sedin helping out, of course. And that goal by Alexander Edler made me very happy. Sure, it would have been better if Columbus hadn't been allowed to keep it at so close a game, but that's life. Vancouver took the win, and hopefully also took the momentum onto the road as they now visit the Wild. This is Minnesota's 11th-last game of the season, and they are currently sitting at 15 points outside of 8th place. Why don't we just put them out of their misery?

Coconuts go.