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Morning Buzz: Canucks hungry for a win; AV challenges players; plus the return of Sidney Crosby

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Whether you're feeling the effects of a big win and the celebration that followed, or you're just crushing as much caffeine as you can to make it through the day, everyone needs a good buzz in the morning. Here are your links, images, bad Photoshops, out-of-context quotes and wild generalities for Friday, March 16, 2012.


Vancouver Canucks News & Notes

First off, read Zandberg's awesome post about how a few former Canucks are doing. He also includes his favourite moment from each player in a Canucks uniform, so there are some great memories in there.

Despite Wednesday's loss, 9 slumps were busted against the Coyotes. Sign of things to come? [Smug Nation]

Henrik Sedin made an interesting comment the other day: "This might be the only sport where rules change throughout the season depending upon where you are and what game you're playing." This, of course, sent Tony Gallagher into full conspiracy mode. [The Province]

You know what? Maybe it's time to listen to all the mouth-breathers who phone into the TEAM 1040 post-game shows and fire Alain Vigneault. Here are 16 good reasons to do so. [PITB]

Who is Justin Schultz, and why should he be on your radar as a Canucks fan? Jeff Angus delivers the goods. [Canucks Army]

AV says that the current slump is a challenge and an opportunity for certain guys in the lineup to step up and lead. [Vancouver Sun]

NHL News & Notes

It wasn't the 4 point outburst we saw in early December, but the return of Sidney the Kidney Part II was still a success by any measure. A nice assist, +3, and 16:00 TOI in a 5-2 win over the Rangers, the Pens' 10th win in a row. [CBC]

Here's Crosby's assist on the Kunitz snipe:

Kris Letang actually stole the show, he was +5 with one assist in his own return from a concussion.

How bad are the Bruins right now? 3-7-0 in their last 10, and they've been blown out by the Panthers and Lightning in consecutive games. The Senators are one point behind them in the division and have a chance to leapfrog them tonight against the Habs.

The Flames had another big win last night to pull within one point of the 7th and 8th seeds. Jarome Iginla has a 8 game point streak going, with an amazing 8 goals and 6 assists in those games. [Sportsnet]

The NHL has a new tagline for their upcoming playoff commercials: "Because it's the Cup." [PD]

Nicklas Lidstrom won't skate until at least Monday; this will be the longest stretch of time he's missed in his entire career. [PHT]

Some big games tonight affecting the playoff races in each conference: Calgary could pass Colorado and Phoenix with a win, the Jets could make their playoff hopes a reality again by beating the Capitals, and the Kings could make the race for the final two spots in the West that much tighter if they can beat Anaheim.