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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Vancouver? - Canucks vs Blues Gamethread

7:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: St. Louis Game Time
Enemy pro: David Backes has as many points as Stamkos has goals.
Enemy con: They've been beating us all season long.

Someone in one of the threads suggested that I use the Sound of Music for a gamethread. Since I've been quite busy over the last 48 hours, and didn't have any ideas of my own, I appreciate having ideas handed over to me. Anyways, there is a ton of drama right now surrounding the Canucks. After what happened on Monday, combined with 2 straight losses (one was in a shootout, but still), everyone's worrying about our boys. Personally, I am not too worried, and I have a good reason why.
Over the last couple seasons, the Western Conference has had notoriously difficult races for that last playoff spot. The last few times the regular season has ended, the 8th place team manages to edge in with around 95 points. As of March 1 2012, the Canucks are sitting at 88 points with 18 games left to play. This means we can go 0-10-8 for the rest of the season, and still have a great shot at 8th place. Okay, perhaps that is too much positivity. Even if we win only half of our games for the rest of the season, that is still 106 points, definitely enough for the division title. As Kent said earlier today, it is a little worrisome that our offence has gone done the drain recently, but it's better right now than in April or May, right?
Okay, rant over. Canucks host the dangerous Blues tonight, who have somehow taken back the Central division lead....

Coconuts go.