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All Your Pucks Belong To Us: Sami Pahlsson Joins The Party

Samuel Pahlsson

#26 / Center / Columbus Blue Jackets



Dec 17, 1977

2011 - Samuel Pahlsson 61 2 9 11 -6 22 0 1 0 63

Earl Sleek's favorite player is a Vancouver Canuck. And you know what they say: every time a Ducks fan weeps, an angel gets...I dunno...a cinnamon bun. Whatever. Shut up.

Our new Sami (not to be confused with crippling random injuries) has been ruthlessly held hostage in Columbus where he anchored their third line flanked by Russell and Dorsett. Prior to that he's best known for being paired with Moen and Rob "what elbowing call?" Neidermayer during the Ducks Cup run in 2007.

Like former Blue Jacket center Manny Malhotra - who could quite possibly end up on his line along with Lappy - Pahlsson is a defensive forward and an ideal checking center (he leads CBJ with a FO% of 51.1, just a tad higher than Hank at this point). He's one of the Blue Jacket's best PK'ers and - just like Malhotra - will never see the offensive zone unless by mistake or AV's too busy giggling. Pahlsson boosts one of the best QoC ratings of any player in the past five seasons.

Clearly this isn't about offense; Pahlsson gives Vancouver flexibility with the third and fourth pairings (I believe he can play wing as well), some ideal skills on the kill and the "all important" Cup experience thingy. He's a UFA at the end of the season, but like Higgins and Lappy on this date last year, maybe he'll stick around for an encore if he buys into what GMMG is dropping down.

All for the price of two 4th rounders (and Taylor Ellington)? Can't hate this trade. Unless of course you're Earl.

First quote from the presser: "I'm going to do everything to help the team win". Right on.