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Yogurt Has Taught You Well - Canucks @ Stars Gamethread

12:00 pm PST (yep, a matinee), SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Defending Big D
Enemy pro: Lots of Canadian boys on this team, including Victoria boy Jamie Benn.
Enemy con: Hello, Adam Burish, we meet again....

Well, the Canucks have been pretty lucky so far this road trip. After another lucky comeback in Detroit to win a shootout, the Canucks pulled off a win in New Jersey the next night with their strength dropping. Now they come to Dallas, which is always a weird stop geographically on road trips. It doesn't help that our matchup with the Stars is a matinee.
Anyways, the Stars have had an entire season of just above par. They are currently leading a 3-way tie for 8th in the West. Their main goalie is Kari Lehtonen, while the back-up job currently belongs to Richard Bachman. (Andrew Raycroft is with their AHL affiliate right now.) If they manage to keep a playoff spot, this could easily be a 1st round matchup for us.

Coconuts go.