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Keith Ballard Placed On LTIR: Trade Coming?

Hips projected to be out for the rest of the regular season. As soon as the Canucks put Ballard on the long term injured reserve their cap spending space went from just over $500,000 up to $4,607,359 today. So, Mike Gillis can now add a player without trading away a roster player if he so desires. I still think that player should be a #4 defenceman (what's with the Steve Ott rumors?). However, a big factor here, is that if Keith Ballard's concussion / neck problems clear up and he becomes healthy he goes off the LTIR. In that case, if Gillis acquires nobody, Ballard slides back into the line up. If Gillis goes out and gets a $4,000,000 player by Monday, and nobody on the roster goes on the LTIR by the time Ballard is ready, then some serious roster moves have to be made in order to get back to salary cap compliance. Am I right? A risky move to make, to be sure.

Two more days until the Deadline...keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.